Store Upgrade Update

The store update is nearly complete! Everything is working and you can place orders as normal. There are a few small things we are still adding and finishing up and if you have any problems placing your order, please contact us - we will be happy to take your order over the phone. Thanks for your patience.

Empowering Products to Transform Your World and Your Life

Mystic Convergence believes that you can be anything you want to be and create the world you want for yourself. To that end, we search out products to empower your transformation regardless of your spiritual beliefs. Surround yourself with beauty and energy and you transform your world. Explore your spirituality through prayer, rituals and meditation and transform yourself. Above all, enjoy the process and have fun along the way.

Mystic Convergence carries everything you might need whatever your spirtual path or magickal interest! Our online store includes supplies for those practicing Wicca, Ceremonial Magic, Santera, VooDoo, Witchcraft, Reiko, Meditation, Christianity, Judaism, and more without discrimination. Shop for ritual supplies including wands, chalices, athames, pendulums, statues, robes, magickal supplies, altar supplies, incense, fountains, enchanted jewelry, cauldrons, wooden boxes, books, rings, pendants, pentacles, herbs, and LOTS more!

Browse our store with an open mind and heart and let our empowering products lead you to what you need in your journey.
New items added constantly!

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Latest Products Added

Green Dragon Hatchling Box

Just emerging from his shell, this green dragon is an adorable addition to ..


Brigit Goddess of the Hearth Small Candle Holder Statue

Our best selling statue of Brigit is now available in a smaller version! ..


Hecate with Torches Greek Goddess Statue

The Light Bearer from the Eleusian Mystery School. Hecate was known as the ..


Roman Hecate Triple Goddess Statue or Plaque

Roman style plaque of the Greek Goddess Hecate embodies the original Holy T..


Hecate Triple Goddess Large Plaque

Greek Goddess Hecate embodies the original Holy Trinity or Triple Goddess w..


Hecate Triple Goddess Ivory Plaque

Greek Goddess Hecate embodies the original Holy Trinity or Triple Goddess w..


Cybele Hecate Plaque

Cybele and Hecate - Goddesses of Prophesy. They were the leading deities of..


Hecate Goddess of the Night Plaque

Hecate, Goddess of the Night, embodies the original Holy Trinity who held s..


Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads Plaque by Jeff Cullen

No goddess has been associated with witchcraft more than the Goddess Hecate..


Witch Lord Bronze Statue by Chris Orapello

This symbolic figure impressively combines aspects of witchcraft, Pagan and..


Goddess Isis Egyptian Relief Plaque

The Goddess Isis, one of the most beloved of all Egyptian Goddesses, is sho..


Adoration of Ra Plaque with Isis and Nepthys

This stunning relief plaque depicts the Adoration of Ra based on a papyrus ..


Odin King of the Norse Gods Statue by Monte Moore

Striking, very detailed bust of Odin is 11 3/4 inches tall.. Made of bro..


Valkyrie Norse Warrior Woman Statue by Monte Moore

Absolutely gorgeous! This valkyrie statue celebrates the strength of the fe..


Mjolnir Thor Hammer Bone Resin Plaque

In Norse mythology, Thor is known as the God of thunder, lightning, storms,..


Mjolnir Thor Hammer Bronze Resin Plaque

In Norse mythology, Thor is known as the God of thunder, lightning, storms,..



Mugwort (Black Sage) Smudge Stick

Mugwort is considered a sacred herb of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the mo..


Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring

A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized and..


White Sage Large Smudge Stick

White Sage is used in many traditions to cleanse and purify sacred space - ..


Bed of Blood Roses Pewter Necklace

The heart is the seedbed of tangled emotions and condemned romance; black r..


Latest Articles - All Articles

Baphomet Statue Shown in Castle
I always love watching a TV show or movie and noticing an item I carry featured in it! Most recently, it was while watching the "Hell to Pay" Season 8 episode of ABC's Castle starring Nathan Fillion which first aired May 9, 2016. Castle opens a secret vault in his PI office revealing a secret room full of occult items and information. The camera pans thru the mysterious room containing all manner of "scary" things and focuses for a moment on a statue of Baphomet - the statue by artist Maxine Miller which is one of our best sellers! Below are 2 screenshots I managed to snag to show you. I..
Creating Your Altar - Make it Personal
A lot of people just starting out on the Wiccan path (or other spiritual path that uses altars or shrines) get this book or that one and start obsessing over following the directions in it exactly - finding the perfect items for rituals and their altar. But what they often fail to realize is that the most powerful altar is one the means the most to you - altars are very personal objects so don't worry if you can't or don't want to follow directions in some book. Do what feels right to you.  What is an Altar? An altar is really just a working space set with objects that reflect ..