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Advanced Magical Studies Metaphysical Books at Mystic Convergence

Our selection of occult books on Advanced Magical studies including Wicca, Witchcraft and other Metaphysical studies.

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Advanced Candle Magick

By Raymond Buckland Seize control of your destiny with the simple but pr..

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Advanced Witchcraft

By Edain McCoy In the beginning everything is fresh and new. Learning ho..

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Ascension Magick - Ritual, Myth and Healing for the New Aeon

Ascension Magick unveils the diverse mystical roots of ascension, and highl..

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Dr John Dee Spiritual Diaries

This is the first fully readable edition of Dr. John Dee’s Spiritual Dia..

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Essential Enochian Grimoire

By Aaron Leitch Aaron Leitch, author of The Angelical Language, Volume I..

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Essential Golden Dawn

An Introduction to High Magic Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero Tod..

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Practical Sigil Magic

Sigil magic is one of the most efficient and economical of magical disci..

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Advanced Magical Studies Metaphysical Books at Mystic Convergence

The advanced books in this section are for the Witch, Wiccan or Pagan that has already mastered the basics of The Craft and magical ceremony. It includes Ceremonial magic, Enochian, Ascension Magick and other advanced topics for those interested in research or exploring deeper rituals. These are not easy reads, but if you devote the time and study to them, they can greatly enhance your occult practice.

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