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Garnet - The Gem of Purification and Healing

Garnet - The Gem of Purification and Healing

Garnet is a crystal gemstone with variable mineral content. It comes in multiple colors though blood red is the most common and referred to as almandine. There is also a rare tsavorite which is vivid green. It can be tumbled or cut into a rounded cabachon or faceted to reflect light.

Magically, garnet can handle both projective and receptive energy - a quality it shares with clear quartz. Its element is fire and it relates to the heart and root chakras.

Mystically, it can be used to aid in healing, for protection and purification. Garnet enhances love, strength and imagination. During the Crusades, garnet was carved into the shape of a lion to promote strength and courage in battle. In ancient Rome, it was used as an amulet in child birth to help staunch bleeding.

Garnet vitalizes and energizes the body, especially the bloodstream and can help with healing of any disorders of the blood or increase circulation. In antiquity Garnet  was recommended as remedy against inflammations and was used to heal wounds. It improves blood circulation and heart function, promotes regeneration of damaged organs and tissues, and helps to fight fever and hepatitis. People having headaches and sore throat are recommended to wear a Garnet necklace. Garnet  is said to ease breathing and heal lung diseases when mounted in gold, and fever and inflammation when mounted in silver.

Socially, it can help support long-term relationships making it a perfect choice for engagement, promise or wedding rings. It also helps to keep your friends close.

Garnet is an ideal stone for traveling and protection. It bolsters health on the road and defends against theft. Attach a garnet bead to luggage or purse to keep thieves away.

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