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3 Kings Charcoal Discs - Large 40 MM - Box of 100

Use these quality charcoal discs for burning incense, dried herbs, or resin in spell and ritual work, pathworking, meditation, and sacred space clearing.

  • 3 Kings Charcoal Discs - Large 40 MM - Box of 100
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  • Collection: Om Imports
  • Product Code: OI-CHL01
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3 Kings Charcoal Discs - Large 40 MM - Box of 100 by Om Imports

Charcoal discs are the perfect way to burn dried herbs, resin or incense powder. They allow you to release the energy of items to the universe for spell and ritual work, meditation, smudging, clearing, and can be used daily to purify your sacred space. 

Box of 100 large charcoal discs, they are self-igniting - just hold a flame briefly on one edge to allow it to catch. Once the top has turned gray, add herbs, resin, or loose powder incense of your choice. They stay lit for about an hour then turn to ash for easy disposal (try releasing it in the open air your garden or use in your plants to aid their growth (not all plants like charcoal so check before doing so). This box contains 10 rolls of 10 charcoal discs per roll giving you an abundant supply for all your ritual needs.

Hand made in India, Three Kings is one of the best known and well-loved brands of charcoal blocks for incense - they burn evenly and stay lit. These charcoal discs are 40mm (1.6 inches) in diameter. 

To keep them fresh opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Proper storage will ensure proper lighting and long burn times.

Note: Charcoal burns VERY HOT so use with extreme caution only in a heatproof vessel on a heatproof surface. We recommend using on top of a layer of salt, sand, or lava rocks to help disperse heat. Keep away from children and pets. Allow to burn out and cool naturally or submerge in a container of cool water if you need to extinguish before it has burned out.  Make certain it is totally cool or extinguished before disposing or it can cause a fire, especially if placed in the trash bin. Do not hold or touch a lit charcoal disc as it will cause burns.

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