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Creating a Prosperity Altar

The Lion's Gate peaks today, August 8, and it is a perfect time to build a prosperity altar if you do not already have one. But how do you do it?Find the Perfect LocationAccording to Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your home, yard or room is for prosperity so if you can, locate it here. Mine (pictured) is in the southeast corner of my Temple - my meditation and healing room. Other good locations if you cannot do it in the SE would be North which is aligned to the element of Earth, the element of prosperity and growth, or East, direction of new beginnings and the element of Air to help you b...

How to Empower your Amulet or Talisman

A few posts ago, I talked about how an amulet or talisman was just a hunk of metal - unless you empower it. This time, I'll expand a little more on it and tell you how to empower it for your intent. First of all, what is an intent? An intent is something that is intended; purpose; design; intention. Basically what you want that shiny new amulet (something that deflects something away from you or protects you) or talisman (something that draws something to you) to do for you be it lose weight, get more money, get a new house or car, pass a test, find the love of your life - or keep your dog ...

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