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Noel Tyl's Rectification DVD6

Determining the Ascendant. Employing Arcs and Transits. Cleopatra of Egypt / George Washington

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Noel Tyl's Rectification DVD6 by Llewellyn Publishing

Series:  Noel Tyl's DVD Series #6

By Noel Tyl

For many astrologers, the thought of doing a rectification can be terrifying. Rectification is the art and science of determining a nativity when the birth date, time, and/or location are unknown. Why can this be terrifying? Because astrologers will make determinations and give advice based on that discovered horoscope. If you perform a rectification—a must for people who don't have all of their birth information—and don't have the right version of the rectified chart, the information you provide your client may be decidedly wrong. Give a client inaccurate advice because your rectification was incorrect and the decisions and choices your client makes could be...well, let's not go there. Instead, just consider what could happen and you'll see why some astrologers won't touch rectification, even though it's a vital skill.

Leave it to Noel Tyl to boldly go where other astrologers fear to tread! In Rectification, the sixth volume of his Masterwork Series of DVDs, Tyl reveals the skills that will help you get over any fears you might have of the rectification process. As is typical in Tyl's technique, the method goes beyond merely looking at numbers. Here he shows you how to use your logic, your wits, and your perceptions to make valid rectified charts, resulting in accurate astrological interpretations and predictions.

If you've been afraid of doing rectifications, or simply haven't done them before, this DVD will bring you the insights that will allow you to take your astrological skills to a higher level. This DVD is a must for anyone who is a professional astrologer, who wants to become a professional, or simply wants to advance their astrological knowledge and skill.

English | Media - DVD | Volume Six | 5 x 8 x 1 IN

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