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Spell Books at Mystic Convergence

Cast a spell for protection, prosperity and more using these Witch, Wicca, Pagan and Folk Magic Spell Books.

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A Practical Guide to the Runes

By Lisa Peschel EIHWAZ the yew, URUZ the wild ox, KENAZ the hearth fire...

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A Witchs World of Magick

By Melanie Marquis Each chapter features examples of tried-and-true magi..

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Advanced Candle Magick

By Raymond Buckland Seize control of your destiny with the simple but pr..

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Advanced Witchcraft

By Edain McCoy In the beginning everything is fresh and new. Learning ho..

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Book of Crystal Spells

By Ember Grant Discover dozens of spells that you can use for health, lo..

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Candle Magic for Beginners - The Simplest Magic

By Richard Webster Anyone who has made a wish before blowing out birthda..

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Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess

By Stephanie Woodfield In this comprehensive, hands-on guide to Celtic W..

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Celtic Magic

By D.J. Conway Celtic magic. These words conjure up images of Druids and..

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Charms, Spells and Formulas

By Ray T Malbrough In Charms, Spells & Formulas, you'll find rituals..

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Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews

By Scott Cunningham One of the secrets of real magic is that it is contr..

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Crones Book of Charms and Spells

By Valerie Worth Herbal elixirs, powerful charms, amulets, balms for all..

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Crones Book of Magical Words

By Valeire Worth Crone's Book of Magical Words (previously published as ..

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Crystal Grids - How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies

By Henry M Mason, Brittani Petrofsky Crystal Grids provides the necessit..

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Cunningham Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen

By Scott Cunningham There's a reason caviar has a reputation as a love f..

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Cunningham Magical Sampler - Collected Writings and Spells

By Scott Cunningham Find the knowledge and inspiration you desire with t..

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Dr John Dee Spiritual Diaries

This is the first fully readable edition of Dr. John Dee’s Spiritual Dia..

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Earth Power - Techniques of Natural Magic

By Scott Cunningham The ways of magic are revealed in nature . . . The s..

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Earth, Air, Fire and Water - More Techniques of Natural Magic

By Scott Cunningham “A treasure trove of practical magic for both novice..

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Egyptian Prosperity Magic

By Claudia R Dillaire Boost your cash flow and free yourself from financ..

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Encyclopedia of Natural Magic

By John Michael Greer Natural magic is the ancient and powerful art of u..

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Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft Book

By Raven Grimassi Craft Elder and author Raven Grimassi has revised and ..

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Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters

By Mya Om Got a shelf full of grimoires gathering dust? Don't give up on..

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Everyday Magic - Spells and Rituals for Modern Living

By Dorothy Morrison Looking for simple solutions for today's problems: c..

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Everyday Moon Magic - Spells and Rituals for Abundant Living

By Dorothy Morrison You'll learn how each Moon phase affects your spellw..

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Everyday Sun Magic - Spells and Rituals for Radiant Living

By Dorothy Morrison The Sun impacts our lives like no other force in the..

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Everyday Witch A-Z - An Informative Guide to Witchcraft

By Deborah Blake Break out your broomstick, and add a spark of magick to..

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Everyday Witch A-Z Spellbook - Witchy Blessings, Charms, Spells

By Deborah Blake Today's Witch deals with everything from family drama t..

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Llewellyn 2018 Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac

Easy and Effective Spells for Every Day of the Year Enhance your daily l..

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Magical Aromatherapy - The Power of Scent

By Scott Cunningham Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham combines th..

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Practical Sigil Magic

Sigil magic is one of the most efficient and economical of magical disci..

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Tarot Spells

By Janina Renee Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing re..

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To Stir a Magick Cauldron

By Silver Ravenwolf Boasting more than 100,000 copies in print, this ind..

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Spell Books at Mystic Convergence

Do you believe in magic?

These spell books reflect many magical traditions - Wicca, Witchcraft, Folk Magic, Candle Magic, and other Traditions to help you cast your spell to heal, protect, and prosper.

Learn the proper use of candles and crystals, herbs and incense, and many other forms of magical spells in many traditions and pagan paths. Contrary to Hollywood movies, spells are rarely cast to curse or hex others, but are more commonly cast upon ourselves to transform, empower and improve our lives.

Explore the craft of spellwork to improve your life.

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