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Black Tourmaline Chakra Healing Wand

This black tourmaline and clear quartz wand is set with Chakra stones pulling negative energy from your energy centers for healing.

  • Black Tourmaline Chakra Wand
  • Handmade in India
  • Measures 4.5 - 5 Inches
  • Our Price: $32.00
  • Product Code: OI-WAND04

  • Average Delivery: 4 - 15 Days within USA*

Black Tourmaline Chakra Healing Wand

This lovely handmade Black Tourmaline crystal wand varies between 4 1/2 to 5 inches in length with Indian silver mountings. It is made in India with carved natural crystals with a crystal sphere at one end and a point in the other. The sphere is receptive to storing energy collected and directed thru the point. The shaft is Black Tourmaline, point and sphere are clear quartz. The Chakra stones may vary in stone type.

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, was used by ancient magicians to protect them from demons as they cast their spells. It is one of the premium stones of protection, a psychic shield against negative energies, entities or destructive forces. Excellent for exorcism, protection against ghosts and clearing entities from your space.  Black tourmaline is also protection against our modern spirits - radiation and environmental pollutants. It can convert negative thoughts into positive, usable energy and is a powerful grounding stone. It helps channel healing light throughout the body, promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, and is excellent for those that must live or work in challenging environments.  It also comes in other colors including red, pink, yellow, brown, green, blue or violet. It's prismatic, vertically striated structure are triangular in cross-section and slender or columnar.

Clear quartz is the all-purpose crystal of the metaphysical world used for any spell or intent. They can be programmed for your needs with their natural vibration enhancing every spell. Their natural occurring fractures, faces, and inclusions bounce, reflect and refract light.

Use this lovely wand for healing, Aura cleansing, Chakra balance, and general energy work. It is a favorite with Reiki practitioners and natural healers. Please note that natural stones and handmade items will vary slightly.

Item Number: OI-WAND04 | Approximate Size (Inches): 1.00 wide x 1.00 deep x 5.00 high | Approximate Shipping Weight: 0.50 lbs.

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To order call US Toll Free: 877-822-3318 or 407-574-5327