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Crystal Jewelry at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

Aries Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Awakening Beam of Light Pendant
Cancer Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Cho-Ku-Rei Reiki Pendant
Clarity Gemstone Magical Amulet
Confidence Gemstone Amulet
Courage Gemstone Magical Amulet
Dai-Ko-Myo Reiki Pendant
Earth Gemstone Grounding Amulet
Gemini Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Goddess Gemdrop Crystal Pendant
Harmony Gemstone Magical Amulet
Healing Gemstone Amulet
Hematite Bead Macrame Bracelet
Hope Gemstone Magical Amulet
Keep Me Safe Protection Amulet
Leo Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Libra Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Passion Gemstone Amulet
Pisces Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Power Gemstone Amulet
Purification Amulet
Sei-He-Ki Reiki Pendant
Sei-He-Ki Reiki Pendant
Soulmate Gemstone Amulet
Starseed Beam of Light Pendant
Taurus Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant
Virgo Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant

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This section includes rough crystal and gemstone jewelry, crystal beads and gemstones.

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