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Pagan Spell Supply

While every spiritual practice has it's own spells and rituals, these are the most common spell items you will probably need:

  • Magickal Wands - Wands direct and focus energy with the power of your visualization and intent.
  • Spell Candle - Candle Magick is one of the oldest and easiest to learn magickal spells. Candles represent the element of fire, of passion, and magickal will.
  • Altar Statues - Most Pagan traditions focus on a God and Goddess for guidance and power during their spell work. Statues are used in nearly every spiritual practice to help us focus and as a source for inspiration.
  • Witches Cauldron - A good cast iron cauldron is a necessary witches tool but also is used in many pagan paths. Making a witches brew or setting a ritual fire, they represent the womb of the Goddess or Mother Earth and all the magickal energies it contains.

Divination Tools - Divination lets your make certain the ritual or magickal spell you are planning is for your greater good at this time.

  • Black Scrying Mirror - Not as famous perhaps as a crystal ball, many pagans find it easier to gaze into a black scrying mirror for divination. A dimly lit room and your scrying mirror are often all that is needed to get in touch with your intuition and discern your path.
  • Crystal Balls - Glass and true crystal balls help your open your inner eye and foretell the future. Set upon a crystal ball stand, it is said the crystal (or glass) ball reflects everything within the room - including the hidden truths in your own mind.
  • Tarot Decks - Tarot takes years to master, though is one of the best divination tools to learn. Be careful though - shopping tarot decks for sale can turn into an addiction! Most pagans I know have multiple tarot decks!

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