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Altar Pentacles and Patens at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

Altar pentacles, common in many traditions, are a focus for charging, grounding, and spell or ritual work. Shop Altar pentacles, patens, and plates.

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Pentacle Silver Altar Tile
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Selenite Charging Disk
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Selenite Charging Plate
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A Pentacle is found on most Wiccan Altars. The Altar Pentacle represents the 5 Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit (the Divine) and both protects the altar from outside or negative energies and serves as a focus letting you charge other altar tools, crystals, candles, or a spell with elemental energy.  It can be used to ground and center and to store excess energy raised during a spell or ritual for later use. Some witches like to set their altar paten under the light of a full moon to further charge it with divine energy.

The word Paten comes more from Christian traditions though is used similarly as well as sometimes used as a cover for the Altar Chalice during Holy Communion and other rituals. Though the term has been adopted by Wicca and other traditions to describe a plate, usually disk shaped, used in place of a pentacle.

Our selection of altar plates include Pentacles and Patens with a variety of symbols and meaning for use in your rituals and spells in metal, stone and other materials.

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