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Tumbled & Polished Gemstones at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

Amethyst Worry Stone
Banded Agate Worry Stone
Black Agate Worry Stone
Clear Quartz Worry Stone
Fluorite Worry Stone
Green Aventurine Worry Stone
Hematite Worry Stone
Jasper Worry Stone
Lapis Lazuli Worry Stone
Moonstone Worry Stone
Moss Agate Worry Stone
Pyrite Worry Stone
Rose Quartz Worry Stone
Selenite Mini Iceberg Crystal
Selenite Worry Stone
Tigers Eye Worry Stone

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Our selection of tumbled and polished gemstones are genuine gemstones cut and polished or simply tumbled to a smooth finish that feels great in the hand. Wonderful to meditate with, use in spells or rituals or in crystal grids to activate the natural energy these fabulous crystals and stones possess. 

See our Magical Properties of Gemstones for an ever-growing list of the benefits of healing crystals.