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Egyptian / Kemetic at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

Shop the best Egyptian Pagan and Kemetic Spiritual supplies including Egyptian God Statues, incense, offering bowls, Egyptian jewelry and more.

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Bast Egyptian Cat Necklace
Our Price $28.00

Bast Egyptian Cat Sistrum
Our Price $40.00

Brass Candle Snuffer
Our Price $18.00

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Kemetic spirituality and Egyptian based Paganism seeks to connect to the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

Kemetism seeks to restore the ancient Egyptian religious practices. It is sometimes called Neterism or Egyptian Neo-paganism. Some believe it is the basis of many original Christian practices and often refer to the faith as Kemet Orthodoxy.

Egyptian Paganism is a bit more Wiccan based though uses the Egyptian pantheon of Gods in their rituals.

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