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Animal Magic Books at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

Animals are familiars, guides, and constant companions in our magical lives. These books celebrate that connection.

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Our Price $29.95

Animal Frequency
Our Price $24.99

Animal Healing
Our Price $17.99

Animal Lessons
Our Price $15.99

Animal Magick Book
Our Price $15.95

Animal Omens Book
Our Price $15.95

Animal Speak Book
Our Price $21.95

Barbieri Fantasy Cats Book
Our Price $19.95

Bird Magic
Our Price $19.99

Black Dog Folklore
Our Price $16.99

Cat Wisdom Book
Our Price $15.95

Chakra Animals
Our Price $16.99

Dancing with Dragons
Our Price $21.99

Dog Wisdom Book
Our Price $15.95

Dragon Magick
Our Price $16.99

Meet Your Power Animal CD
Our Price $16.95

Mystical Dragon Magick
Our Price $21.99

Our Price $21.99

Poppet Magick
Our Price $22.99

Spirit & Dream Animals
Our Price $15.99

The Book of Dog Magic
Our Price $16.99

The Enchanted Cat
Our Price $14.99

The Witch's Familiar
Our Price $15.99

Showing 1 to 35 of 35 (1 Pages)

Animals are pure souls that can guide and assist us in many occult paths. The Witches Familiar is the most well know ways animals guide us, but many pagan paths from Native American to modern New Age practices explore our connection to domestic pets and wild animals.

These books explore the magical connection to animals and their natural connection to magic.

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