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Cauldrons and Bowls at Mystic Convergence Metaphysical Supplies

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Brass Cauldron Incense Burner
Buddha Metal Incense Burner
Cast Iron Handled Cauldron
Cauldron Candle - Citronella
Cauldron Candle - Gingerbread
Cauldron Candle - Orange Spice
Cauldron Candle - Vanilla
Celtic Ashtray
Celtic Dragon Ashtray
Copper Offering Plate Set of 7
Dragon Ashtray
Dragon Large Meditation Bowl
Goddess Mini Blessing Bowl
Gundustrup 12 Inch Resin Cauldron
King Tut Utility Cup Holder
Olive Wood Carved Salt Pot
Pentagram Copper Offering Bowl
Plain Copper Offering Plate
Selenite Gemstone Large Bowl
Selenite Gemstone Small Bowl
Silver Clam Shell with Legs

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Cast Iron Cauldrons are a traditional symbol of the Goddess representing the Womb - the Primordial Energy from which everything is given life.  From ancient to modern spiritual traditions, cauldrons are used in ritual, spell work, and for brewing potions, teas and infusions. We carry many sizes and shapes of cauldrons including food-safe cast iron cauldrons for brewing and cooking. 

Cauldrons and bowls represent the Goddess, the element of Earth or Water, in many traditions for your altar. They are functional, necessary parts of any altar set and can be used to hold candles, burn incense and smudging bundles, offerings to the Gods, salt, earth or water. Pick the bowl or cauldron that speaks to you and your spiritual tradition.