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Wild Medicine - Summer
Simple Pleasures of Tea
Practical Herbs 2
Practical Herbs 1
Materia Medica of Western Herbs
The Herbal Kitchen
The Fairy Party Book



The Wisdom of the Shamans
Witchcraft Activism
Water Witchcraft
Taking Up the Runes
The Sorceror's Secrets
Queering Your Craft
Protection and Reversal Magick
Gracious Wild

Gracious Wild


Goddess of the North
Goddess Bless!



Gaia's Hidden Life
Financial Sorcery
Encyclopedia of Earth Myths
The Emerald Modem
The Elements of Spellcrafting
A Book of Pagan Rituals
Becoming Dangerous



The Andean Codex



Year of the Witch
Working Conjure
Woman's Magic

Woman's Magic


The Witch's Guide to Wands
Earth Energies
Dreaming the Council Ways
7 Chakra Mini Singing Bowl Set
A Witch's Book of Answers
The Witching Herbs
The Witches Qabala
The Witches' Almanac Issue 38
The Witches' Almanac Issue 37
The Witches' Almanac Issue 36
The Witches' Almanac Issue 35
The Witches' Almanac Issue 34
The Witches' Almanac Issue 33
The Witches' Almanac Issue 32
The Witches' Almanac Issue 31
The Witches' Almanac Issue 30
The Witches' Almanac Issue 29
The Witches' Almanac Issue 28
A Witch Alone

A Witch Alone


Witches' All

Witches' All


Witch on the Go
Way of the Water Priestess
Weird Ways of Witchcraft
The Wicca Handbook
The Tree of Enchantment
The Study of Witchcraft
Spirit Allies

Spirit Allies


Spells for the Solitary Witch



Utterly Wicked
The Spellcaster's Reference
The Solitary Wiccan's Bible
The Shamanic Witch
The Rede of the Wiccae
A Spellbook for the Seasons
Practical Spellcraft
Practical Solitary Magic
Reclaim the Power of the Witch
Positive Magic

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