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Chakra Balancing Large Crystal Wand for Energy Work

This stunning Chakra Balancer large wand is a favorite with crystal healers and energy workers with stunning clear quartz and amethyst ends.

  • Chakra Balancing Large Crystal Wand for Energy Work

  • Chakra Balancing Large Crystal Wand
  • Stones: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, More
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Length: 11-13 Inches
  • Includes: Storage Bag, Informational Card

  • Our Price: $300.00

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  • Product Code: LS-C05
  • Average Processing/Shipping: 8 - 15+ days (Made to Order)

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Chakra Balancing Large Crystal Wand for Energy Work

This AMAZING Chakra Balancing wand is hand made with a clear quartz crystal at one end, an Amethyst at the other and glass shaft wrapped in silver set with the 7 gemstones for your Chakras - the energy centers of the body.

Chakras that are blocked or overactive can cause illness, depression, and other physical and mental ailments. Use this hand made crystal wand to align and harmonize body, mind and soul. It will help in dissolving stress, removing blocks and improve energy movement throughout your body.

A clear glass shaft forms the base of this large wand with the following crystals:

Clear Quartz is a powerful stone to amplify any intention or desire. It magnifies the energy of all stones around it. The terminated point of this wand is a large clear quartz crystal set with silver to help direct the energy of the wand to where you need it most. 

1st Root Chakra is set with Garnet or Apache Tear (varies due to availability). The root chakra (located at the base of your spine) grounds and connects you to Earth. It helps you focus and counters feelings of disconnection or light headedness. Garnet balances energy bringing serenity or passion as needed. Apache Tear is a form of Black Obsidian which is grounding and protective. 

The 2nd Chakra located at your navel is set with Carnelian, a stone of creativity and possibilities. It increased vitality and sexuality. It helps people who are too spiritual appreciate their physical presence. 

The 3rd Chakra between navel and heart is set with Citrine or Tiger's Eye (based on availability). Both are stones of confidence and help see things in a more positive light. Citrine is also known as a stone of prosperity.

4th Chakra at your Heart is set with Aventurine, a stone of love and luck. It helps to release what no longer serves you, heal and move forward. It promotes hope, optimism, and joy in everyday life.

5th Chakra is at your Throat set with Blue Lace Agate for communications and truth. It enhances intuition and helps connect to Goddess energy. It is said to promote peace of mind soothing anger and easing tension.

The 6th Chakra is your 3rd eye located between your eyes above your eyebrows. It is the chakra of intuition. It is set with Sodalite, a stone of logic and efficiency. It can aid and enhance psychic abilities and heals connection to your own intuition.

And finally, the Amethyst point at the end is for your 7th Chakra, the Crown, your connection to the universe and Higher Power.  It protects you from negative energy and helps you see the light to stay on the highest path. It also is the stone of sobriety helping you break bad connections or habits.

Each of these wands is 11-13 inches and individually hand made so please expect variation. They come with a storage bag and informational card. 

Product Code: LS-C05 | Approximate Size (Inches): 0.75 wide x 0.75 deep x 13.00 high | Approximate Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs.

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Origin Hand made in the USA

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