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New Moon in Leo: An Invitation to Creativity and Confidence

The New Moon phase, that mysterious time when the moon is hidden in shadow, often heralds new beginnings and fresh starts. And when it's in the sign of Leo, oh boy, you can expect a dash of drama, creativity, and roaring self-expression!

Zodiac Influence: Leo – The Majestic Lion

Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing warmth, vitality, and self-expression. Its energy is flamboyant, self-assured, and generous. This sign invites us to be proud, to lead with our hearts, and to shine unapologetically. It's the star of the zodiac, after all!

If You're a Leo Sun:

Your Sun sign represents your core essence, and as a Leo Sun, you radiate charisma and confidence. You likely have a natural flair for creativity, an innate leadership ability, and a heart big enough to embrace the world. You don't just walk into a room; you make an entrance! This New Moon is an opportunity to amplify your natural gifts, embark on new creative endeavors, and explore what makes your heart sing.

If You're a Leo Moon:

Your Moon sign speaks to your emotional self, and a Leo Moon feels emotions grandly. You might find joy in expressing yourself through artistic pursuits and have a desire to be recognized for your talents. This New Moon is a chance to connect with what fuels your emotional fire and to courageously share your inner world. Don't be shy; your emotions are a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled!

If You're a Leo Rising:

Your Rising sign, or Ascendant, represents how you appear to others, and Leo Rising projects an image of self-assurance and creative brilliance. You may be drawn to the spotlight and enjoy inspiring others through your actions and appearance. The New Moon in Leo offers a time to reinvent your personal brand, celebrate your unique style, and step into the role you were born to play.

How to Embrace This Leo New Moon:

Whether you're a Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising—or simply feeling the call of the lion's energy—this New Moon invites you to:

  • Celebrate Yourself: Leo energy isn't shy about self-love. Write down all your accomplishments and toast to them!
  • Express Creatively: Paint, dance, sing, write. If it makes your heart happy, do it!
  • Lead with Generosity: Host a gathering, share your talents, or simply spread a little sunshine wherever you go.
  • Embrace Your Inner Star: Who says you're not famous? Strut down your hallway like it's a red carpet.

This New Moon in Leo is not just a celestial event; it's a cosmic invitation to shine, to love yourself fiercely, and to chase your dreams with the tenacity of a lion chasing the wind. It's time to take the stage, dear readers. The spotlight's on you!

Suggested Herbs, Oils, Incense, and Crystals

  • Herbs: Sunflower petals for confidence, cinnamon for passion, and chamomile to keep your cool.
  • Oils: Frankincense to connect with your royal nature, orange for joy and playfulness.
  • Incense: Sandalwood, to keep the creative fires burning without scorching your whiskers.
  • Crystals: Citrine for creativity, tiger's eye for courage, and rose quartz for a little love.

Suggested Rituals, Crafts, or Other Activities

  • Create a Leo Altar: Decorate it with gold, sunflowers, and images of lions. Bonus points if you include a self-portrait!
  • Roar into a Mirror: Literally. Face yourself and let out a Leo roar. Feels good, doesn't it?
  • Write a Manifesto: Detail all your talents, dreams, and what you're going to conquer. Leo loves a good to-do list, especially if it includes conquering something grand.

Feel the Leo love, embrace your inner lion, and let this New Moon be your cosmic cue to create, conquer, and maybe even croon a tune or two.

Remember, if anyone asks why you're suddenly painting a mural on your living room wall, just tell them, "The New Moon in Leo made me do it!" Who could argue with that? Happy New Moon, dear readers!

Don't forget to download our free New Moon worksheet

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Author: Lori Anne Brown

Lori Anne Brown is a life-long learner and spiritual seeker long interested in natural healing, crystals, and metaphysics. Spiritually Lori is an Omnist believing all religions and spiritualities contain truth and wisdom with a personal practice that contains elements of Wicca, Buddhism, Egyptian Kemetism, and more. She is a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, an artist, sci-fi geek, and gamer, as well as the owner of this shop and

She currently resides in Central Florida with multiple fur babies. 

Lori is all over social media so find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She has a personal blog at

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