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Cultural and World Magic at Mystic Convergence

Santera, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Celtic Magic and other cultural practices of magic and witchcraft.

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21 Lessons of Merlyn - A Study in Druid Magic and Lore

By Douglas Monroe King Arthur would get advice from his magician, Merlyn..

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Animal Dreaming - Symbolic, Spiritual Language of Australian Animals

By Scott Alexander King Featuring an in-depth exploration of the Dreamti..

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Avalon Within - A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery and Inner Wisdom

By Jhenah Telyndru Jhenah Telyndru, founder of the Avalonian Tradition, ..

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Babalawo, Santeria High Priests - Fathers of the Secrets of Afro-Cuban Ifa

By Frank Baba Eyiogbe Hidden within the mysterious Afro-Cuban religion o..

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By Land, Sky and Sea - 3 Realms of Shamanic Witchcraft

By Gede Parma Based upon the Celtic realms of land, sky, and sea, this w..

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By Oak, Ash and Thorn - Modern Celtic Shamanism

By DJ Conway This book is filled with information that can start you on ..

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Celtic Folklore Cooking

By Joanne Asala The recipes in this book were gathered during four trips..

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Celtic Golden Dawn - Complete Curriculum of Druidical Study

By John Michael Greer A century ago, Celtic groups descending from the f..

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Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess

By Stephanie Woodfield In this comprehensive, hands-on guide to Celtic W..

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Celtic Magic

By D.J. Conway Celtic magic. These words conjure up images of Druids and..

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Celtic Magic - Transformative Teachings from the Cauldron of Awen

By Kristoffer Hughes The Book of Celtic Magic provides the unsurpassed p..

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Celtic Myth and Magick - Harness the Power of the Gods

By Edain McCoy Human and divine energies complement each other; when joi..

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Celtic Tree Magic - Ogham Lore and Druid Mysteries

By Danu Forest Enrich your spiritual practice with authentic Celtic wisd..

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Celtic Tree Mysteries - Practical Druid Magic and Divination

By Stephan Blamires Trees, and the magic associated with them, manifest ..

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Celtic Womens Spirituality - Accessing the Cauldron of Life

By Edain McCoy Unleash your inner warrior and embrace a timeless vision ..

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Charms, Spells and Formulas

By Ray T Malbrough In Charms, Spells & Formulas, you'll find rituals..

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ChristoPaganism - An Inclusive Path

By River Higginbotham, Joyce Higginbotham Have you ever questioned the n..

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Cunningham Guide to Hawaiian Magic and Spirituality

By Scott Cunningham Stunning power lies at the heart of the Hawaiian isl..

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Druid Magic - The Practice of Celtic Wisdom

By Maya Magee Sutton, Nicholas R Mann Perhaps the most mystical, magical..

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Druid Power - Celtic Faerie Craft and Elemental Magic

By Amber Wolfe Call forth dragons and feel the ancient songs of the Celt..

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Druids and Druidism

By TD Kendrick Still regarded with affection in the popular imagination,..

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Egyptian Paganism

This beautifully written guide, by noted scholars Jocelyn Almond and Keith ..

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Elemental Shaman

By Omar W Rosales In his travels around the globe, Rosales witnesses the..

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Flying Witches of Veracruz - Shamans in Aztec Brujeria

By James Endredy Waking up in Mictlan, the underworld entrance of the No..

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Four Seasons of Mojo - An Herbal Guide to Natural Living

By Stephanie Rose Bird The changing of the seasons can feel magical-gree..

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From the Cauldron Born - Exploring the Magic of Welsh Legend and Lore

By Kristoffer Hughes The tale of Taliesin and the magical cauldron of Ce..

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Goddess Companion - Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit

By Patricia Monghan Turn to The Goddess Companion each day for a clearer..

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Inner Guide to Egypt

Step into the mystical Henu Boat of exploration and begin a spiritual journ..

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Invoking the Egyptian Gods

A deeply spiritual experience unfolds as you begin to invoke the deities of..

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Kybalion - A Study of Hermetic Philosphy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

Rather than converting base metals into gold, Hermetic alchemists focused o..

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La Santa Muerte by Tomas Prower

This is the first book written by a practitioner that presents the history,..

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Pathworking With the Egyptian Gods

This dynamic book enables you to work with the Egyptian gods and goddesses—..

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Cultural and World Magic at Mystic Convergence

Explore the magic of another place or culture in these spiritual books. Learn about the Druids, Celtic Magic, Christian Paganism, Egyptian Magic and practices both ancient and modern from around the world.

This section of books includes all manner of magic, spellwork and occult studies some of which you may never of heard of. Use them for reference or to add to your own spiritual, ritual or magical practices.

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