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Daughters of Isis at Mystic Convergence

Amber Oil

(Liquidamber / Styrax) Amber is a feminine plant under the guardianship ..

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Broom Oil

(Cystius scoparius) Be care - full, Broom can sweep you up!  B..

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Deadly Nightshade Oil

(Atropa Belladonna) Deadly Nightshade takes you into the darkness o..

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Devils Shoestring Oil

(Viburnum alnifolium)  This is a feminine plant under the guar..

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Dibolique Oil

A Love Philtre... "Love that is crimson, sumptuous, sick with perfume.....

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Dittany of Crete Oil

(Dictamus origanoides) Dittany is a feminine herb under the guardia..

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Green Man Bag

Handmade bag celebrating the Green Man of the Forest with a leather pouc..

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Daughters of Isis at Mystic Convergence

Daughters of Isis is multicultural apothecary of collections formulated to awaken your memories of the Ancestors' wisdom, promote a more intimate relationship with the Earth Mother and establish your link with our evolving global consciousness!  We consider the DOI oils to be a premium line of blended oils - my personal favorites!

Using the finest quality of essential, absolute and distilled / extracted oils to blend ethno-botanically authentic HAND BLENDED and HAND POURED to ensure an organically resonant energetic standard. Daughters of Isis is an aromachological expression of fragrance...blended specifically to trigger a new quality of mind; the plant medicines employed that heal the body are just the happiest little afterthought! The Daughters of Isis are dedicated to providing you with a new aromatic threshold to cross over.

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